NCID, North Carolina Information Data

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NCID: North Carolina Information Data

The NC Administrative Office of the Courts has terminated its old criminal extract and is no longer providing nightly downloads. Some companies are still retrieving case information from their old unsupported criminal databases. Therefore, if your NC records provider is not pulling case details directly from the AOC for “ALL” cases you are not receiving the most up to date, accurate information.

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NCID: North Carolina Information Data

Tired of hearing automated phone systems that lead to nowhere? You'll always be able to reach an NCID employee when calling our offices. Although we do have a system that handles calls after hours, you’ll have the option to dial out to reach an NCID employee in urgent cases. When you need help, we will be here for you.

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NCID: North Carolina Information Data

Excellent customer service coupled with the best products and services at the guaranteed lowest prices keep our customers happy. We never force anyone into signing a long term contract. We’ll leave that to our competitors and the cell phone companies.